Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

Ausflug am Abend...

nun ja, man macht ja nicht nur Tags Ausflüge, nein, dort bot sich auch an, am Abend auf eine Alp zu fahren um dort wirklich gut und rustikal zu essen...

also fuhren wir mit Freunden unserer Bekannten los und es war weit oben...oh ja, denn der Ausblick dann dort war spektakulär...

man kann es ja nicht anders sagen, ein schmuckes Haus erwartete uns da...

die Sonne war beim Untergehen, wir saßen auf der Terasse und es war einfach toll und gemütlich...

tolle Unterhaltung hatten wir auch, denn die Musik spielte auf...

es reichte sogar zum Mitsingen...

innen saßen andere, da wollten wir nur mal reinsehen...

dann geht auch so ein Abend zu Ende, alles wieder bergab und wieder heim...

dort wie immer auf der Terasse ein kleiner Absacker, aber von dem gemütlichen Plätzchen zeige ich beim nächsten Mal mehr...

bis dahin wieder Grüße erst mal von...


  1. I love the buildings. What a perfect place for dinner. I love the atmosphere and the style of the building. I think it would serve tasty, home style meals. All the while you can listen to music and enjoy the scenery. You look very relaxed in your photo.

    So we both enjoy reading and travel. Too bad we did not live close to one another. We could share some books. Of course that probably wouldn't work because I do not read in German (laughing).

    Have a wonderful week ahead, dear Geli.

  2. good morning dear Penny, are you sleeping now and I hope very much that it is a good and healthy sleep. The need to create a week with all the work.

    Yes there at the restaurant on the terrace was all very rustic, the food too, but it tasted wonderful.

    Please advise me once, I had a fish soup here, what can you cook it?
    I wanted to eat at lunchtime. Now I have breakfast, a slice of bread, 2 tomatoes, all it has to be yes .... and my coffee to the need be.

    For you a beautiful Monday and let you warm greetings from the Geli

  3. Dear Geli, I missed your message earlier. I got up late today and was rather tired all day. My doctor called to reschedule the appointment for acupuncture so I will go on Thursday. Tuesday (after I rise) I have the compression therapy on my leg. It will be my last such appointment. On Wednesday I see the eye doctor and Friday I go for hair appointment. In between I must find a way to wrap and send my mother's clothing. Thank you for commenting on the post about her clothing. I always love to buy her clothes that she will enjoy. I go to sleep very soon as it is almost 2 in the morning. Have a very nice day!

  4. Oh I forgot the main purpose of my comment. I think you were asking me if I know how to make a fish soup. What kind of fish soup did you eat in Austria? I only know how to make a fish chowder with fresh or canned salmon.

  5. hello to you one penny, you go to sleep very late and I think, is not that good, man must sleep more hours, I go to bed midnight, but then sleep 8-9 hours.
    Today I meet with a friend and we will chat and have a good time. You have too many appointments at the doctor, I do not have ever had. But on Thursday I have a mammogram, because all women go through over 50 years to control every 2 years. This control is also very important.
    For lunch I've cooked a vegetable soup again, all residues are in there since yesterday and I'm like a little gym in the morning in bed, this must be because my weight is too high.
    Again have a good day and now you will soon go to sleep. I wish you good dreams, then a beautiful Tuesday.
    Warmest greetings to you from Geli

  6. I had this soup was cooked cod and then left, now I have it filled with vegetables and 2 potatoes to the tastes.
    In Austria we have lived rather unhealthy, many sweets, cakes and I do not like it at all so sweet, I like to eat more rustic and hearty.


  7. Good evening Geli. I hope you had a wonderful time with your friend. I have slept 8 hours but you are right. I went to sleep too late. Sometimes I do that though it is better to go to sleep earlier and I do try. Have a wonderful evening and a good week ahead.

  8. Much fun we had and we saw many months, because she works. We were eating steak with pineapple, which here means *Steak Hawaii *. Now I go to the TV some times.
    Greetings to you from Geli


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